Off Shore Trainings

We have a team of competent trainers, who can help your crew and office staff in using the application. Training for SMMS Software can be conducted on board ships at sea.

Detailed sessions are conducted with each crew member. Hands on practice is provided to make them comfortable with using the application. This helps in quick adaption to the software and easily becomes part of your company workflow.

On Shore Trainings

A comprehensive training course covering all the features of SMMS software including "Data Transfer" is available. Clients may come directly to our Training Centre (located in Mohali, Punjab, India).

The duration of the course is 2 days for the SMMS Ship Version of the software, and 4 days in duration for the SMMS Office Version. Boarding and lodging arrangements are available close to the training centre. Further details in this regard are available by contacting us. Clients may also request personnel to visit their office to train employees for SMMS. Further details for this are available by contacting us.