Cloud Service (SAAS)

You no longer need to worry about procuring hardware or engaging your IT personnel in running or maintaining the server, we will take care of everything for you. More than half of our existing users have already made this shift and are enjoying the seamless experience.

What this means for you?

Whatever the size of your fleet or users, our cloud service will get you up and running in no time. Existing users can also opt for this service and move to the cloud. Shifting to the cloud will also allow you to access SMMS globally among a list of other benefits.

More than half of our existing users have already made this shift and are enjoying the seamless experience.

Business growth and efficiency should never be constrained by the limitations of an IT infrastructure. Further, IT staff should not be occupied by the on-going system management tasks and security issues that can restrict them from doing more strategic work. In doing so, they possess the rapid availability that the cloud has to offer and a completely secure and stable infrastructure to host their application.

Reach us for any further information on this. We can also setup a demonstration for you to evaluate this and make up your mind.

Key Benefits of using SMMS on Cloud Server

• No in house maintenance of a server required. No DR maintenance cost.
• SMMS can be accessed Globally.
• SMMS will be common for all locations, if one has multiple offices.
• Highly secure and available 24X7
• Our Cloud4C provides four backups of the server ensuring no loss of data and an uptime of 99.99%
• Includes disaster recovery features in case of a natural disaster.
• Upgrade/downgrade your server anytime as per your current requirement, no hardware replacement/upgrade required at your end at any point.

• Global access gives you the freedom to work from home or any other location in the world.
• Hardware maintenance and availability of server will be provided 24X7.
• All SMMS updates, windows updates, firewall, security/Antivirus and third party licensing like SQL, MSOffice will be maintained by us.
• All issues related to any performance/sync/hardware/access/anything related to SMMS will be now Vertex’s responsibility.
• All Hardware used is of latest technology like SSD Disks, RAM and Processor. Using only SSD throughout ensures quick response and great performance.

Our Data Centre key facilities:

• Tier 4 – (system) + (system) Architecture – Fault Tolerant with No Single Point of Failure
• Capability to provide 99.995 % Hardware Uptime
• Unique Nine Zone Security System
• Lean Six Sigma – ITIL Framework
• Carrier Neutral Data centre

Following is a practical analysis of running SMMS on the Cloud Server

RFQ Export to Excel function
42 % faster

PDF Preview of identical 5 requisitions
47 % faster

PDF Preview of identical 10 Pos
58 % faster

Open New Ship
32 % faster

Generate KPI report – (for a whole year)
48 % faster

Comparison chart for Cloud V/s In-house Implementation

Description Cloud Implementation In-house Implementation
Software Upgrades Auto without any User Intervention Regular Investment on Licenses
Hardware Upgrades Easy without downtime Complex and requires separate manpower
Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime Office Premises only during working hours
Investment No Upfront Costs High Upfront Costs
Maintenance No extra costs Ongoing IT-Support Required
Anywhere/Mobile Access Yes No
99.99% High Availability Yes No
Implementation Time Low High
Security Highly Secure Less Secure
Scalability Quick Slow
Deployment Quick Slow
Backups Included Extra Costs
Client Installations NA Requires time and costs
Staffing NA Permanent Staff required
Disaster Recovery 4 Backups 1 Backup
New Features Frequent and Auto Long and Manual
Reliability Very High Low-Medium
Power Backup No Failure High Probability
ISO Certified Included High Costs
Last 30 days video recording Included High Costs
Nine Zone Security System Included High Costs
Tier 4 System Included No Possible
24×7 support Included Extra Costs
Multiple Offices Included Extra License and H/w Costs
Employee Recruitment Any City/Country Specific to Office Location
Third Party Licensing Included Extra Costs
Hardware Firewall Included Extra Costs
SMMS Access / Performance / Sync Issues Vertex Responsibility Own IT Staff Responsibility

Cloud Server Mirroring Options
You can choose any of the following mirroring options

Cloud1C Server – Primary Instance

Cloud server hosted in a tier 4 data centre with world-class connectivity infrastructure and security environment.

Cloud2C Server – High Availability

A mirror of Cloud Server is maintained within the same data centre ensuring the highest uptime.

Cloud 3C Server – Back Up

A mirror of Cloud Server is maintained in a different data centre in the same city as the Primary data centre.

Cloud 4C Server – Disaster Recovery

A mirror of Cloud Server is maintained in a different seismic zone which is at least 500 KM away from primary data centre. This will ensure disaster recovery as part of our cloud security in case of any major outages in the Primary DC.

RTO & RPO for our Data Centers

Cloud Type Site Country RTO RPO
Primary DC (1C) Your Country N/A N/A
2C Your Country N/A N/A
3C India 2 Hrs. 4 Hrs.
4C India 4 Hrs. 24 Hrs.

RTO= Recovery Time Objective, RPO= Recovery Point Objective

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